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NightWatch K9 House is a Malaysian own Working Service Dog Breeding & Developing Station initial located in Miri, Sarawak. Malaysia; officially set in 2007 and we has being into working type of German Shepherd Dog since 1998.  And we re-located to Penang, Malaysia in mid of 2012.  

NightWatch's Working Service Dog Breeding & Developing Station has since August 2007 started it first batch of young talented dogs into specify skill training program.  We do not have large numbers of dogs at stack or in training but we are able to provide selective green dog (single or duel purpose), starter dog and likewise, completed dog to suit individual needs & requirements. 

We are one of the the first kennel in the country that able to put our K9 Partner for security assignment upon receives the license, issued by the Sarawak State Department to operate the Loss Prevention Security Canine Services  known as MGuardians Security Canine Services since April 2002 to June 2012.

We may be a relatively young company by most business standards but please do not deceived, our youth is our asset and we are growing, getting stronger and gaining more contacts everyday.  We remain open-minded and refused to be "kennel-blinded" or "training-blinded" but instead, to continue the learning progress in-order to produce better Working Service Dog.

Our Working Service Dog are proportional build yet energetic with good build in type, selected only from proven working lines that we are working on.  A dog not structured correctly will not function properly, lending more importance to the physical aspects of carefully choosing a puppy. The extreme angles do not appeal to us, nor do the lack of correct angles.

The question of American lines verses German lines and West German verses East German and the different between Europe and Czech / Slovak lines many etc, etc has been going on for years and there is little end is sight.  Rather than selecting one over the other, we've sought the best of all options.  Each area has many good traits to offer, excluding one would be handicapping in our breeding program.  The end result is what a dog can do!

We do not have large numbers of dog at stack, only a few good selection that passing through our quality control program, no wash-out or weak-nerve fixing dog will be display for sale since we are running a security canine services firm ourselves.   For more information, please visit MGK9.

Today, we managed to produce and successfully groomed some small numbers of trained dog that work all-rounded on Street Patrol, Home Protection or Personal Escort for our local client's security measurements.   we do not expect to produce large numbers but only a few more good dogs with the true quality of a Working Service Dog!

Since we are dealing and is providing security services that high-lighting depending on well-trained security K9 for security measurement.  In our line of duty, we couldn't afford to play with a 50 to 50 percentage dog meaning ... we won't try to "rescue" or "to fix" the weak-dog or so-called "to groom" it and claim as good-dog!  Those dog that are fail during their training progress will be taken out so that we can stay focus to continue working those that can be work! 

We rely and evaluate individual dog on it performance, Pedigree to us, is just a references, it cannot do protection neither it can guaranteed the value absolutely! 

All dog enter must be able to perform good Obedience skill with sound nerve and strong character before proceed for next level of specify task training such like: Protection Work, Security Patrolling, Detection Work, Man-Trailing and etc.

Apart from the German Shepherd Dog, we also match Beauceron, Belgian Malinois, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, home-bred "Ban-dog" for security tasks.  The current "candidate" that we have, are mostly from proven sire & dam that impacted strongly on it working capabilities & performance.  Most of the dogs came from our current working service dog that are working with MGK9.    Dog that have job with MGK9 are handler driven dog, praising through bonding & communicating while using food or toy as rewards are done more in the early stage to all prospect. 

We are still a very new and young organization in our region but we are heading to the right direction in no time as our K9 speak for themselves! 

Click HERE to view some of our NightWatch's Working Service Shepherd, Or
Click HERE to view some of the Working Service Dogs.


We are able, currently from a small scale to produce and to provide selected home-groomed Green Dog / Starter Dog and likewise, Trained Dog with specify task that are not limited to Home-Protection, Security Patrol, Man-Trailing & Narcotics Detection.   Please CONTACT US further for more information or any assistance require.

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