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Royal Malaysia Police Dog Unit (Sibu & Miri) Study Visit & Training Approach Exchange

September 04, 2007 to September 06, 2007

A group picture after the 03 days event ...
Mr. Law from MCC, K9 Deputy Boniface, K9 Deputy Alfonse & MGK9 Team
(Standing from Left to Right)
K9 Deputy Felix, Robin Gan, K9 Deputy Philip, Leo & MGK9 Team
(Sitting from Left to Right)

The arrival of Miri Police Dog Unit ...

A briefing on action planning ...

A free search / Object Finding ...

YES, Got it! I found the RM1.00 ...

Scene Trailing / Man Tracking

I will follow him ...

Dancing with Wolf?
Send & Arrest Exercise.

Am watching you ...
one move, you will be beaten!!!

Another send & arrest ...

Hit it hard and bite with power ...

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